How To Calculate APDCL Bill Based On Used Units?

  • You must deduct the current meter reading from the reading from the previous month in order to determine the power consumption for the current month.
  • Once you are aware of the precise amount of energy used, you may multiply the units by the per-unit costs based on the slab rates to determine the energy charge.
  • By adding the fixed charge and the to the total, the total energy bill may be computed.

Step-By-Step Guide To Make APDCL Bill Payment Online With Freecharge

Steps to view APDCL bill and online payment are-

  1. Open Freecharge, then go to the area for billing and charging.
  2. Pick the symbol for “electricity.”
  3. Select your power supplier, such as APDCL, then enter your account number or customer number.
  4. Check the amount.
  5. able to pay.

Benefits Of Online APDCL Bill Payment With Freecharge

As in other states, paying an electricity bill in Assam used to be a chore because customers had to travel far to an APDCL facility to do it. But all of it has already passed. In the twenty-first century, paying an electricity bill in Assam is just as quick and easy as buying pizza. You may pay your APDCL bills online using Freecharge.

Prepaid meters are a special aspect of Assam’s power APDCL bill payment system. Users may pay their APDCL prepaid bills online using this feature. You may recharge your APDCL with Freecharge. Your Assam energy bill may be accessed by entering your consumer number in the Recharge & Bill Payments section of the Freecharge app. Following that, you may finish your APDCL payment using any of your chosen payment methods, including UPI or net banking through a number of top banks or a debit/credit card. There are options from which you can access the option of tata power Mumbai bill payment also.

You won’t have to key in your information the following time you visit to pay your Assam energy bill once your consumer data has been entered once and the payment has been successfully completed. Check it out today! You may continue using Freecharge without needing to remember your customer data by using APDCL Quick Pay.

How To Register A Complaint For A Wrong APDCL Electricity Bill?

The Assam State Government owns the public limited corporation known as Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL). Below are APDCL customer service, complaint, and helpline numbers in case you’re a subscriber trying to resolve a grievance or simply want to provide general feedback. Online customer service from the organisation will accept your APDCL complaint.

Customer Care Number For APDCL Bill Payment Issues

The customers now can contact 1912 for bill related issues.

What Are The Late Charges On APDCL Electricity Bill Payment?

If you pay your payment after the due date, you will be charged a late fee. If the payment is past due more than three days after the due date, APDCL will assess a late fee. Every month that a payment is late will result in a 0.5 percent increase in the late payment surcharge rate for the following months of default, as long as the surcharge rate is never more than 3% more than the base rate.

Can I Get Any Cashback/Offer By Freecharge On APDCL Bill Payment Online?

Yes , there are several kinds of offers on Freecharge for APDCL online bill payment and from which you can get cashback. It is obviously a limited time offer. There are offers on WBSEDCL bill payment , APEPDCL Bill Payment and Tata Power Mumbai bill payment also.

Frequently Asked Questions On Assam Power (APDCL NON-RAPDR) Bill:

1. How To Find My APDCL Bill Account Id Or Consumer Number Online For Online Bill Payment?

Your customer number can be found on any of your most recent or older power bills. You may visit the Paytm website for electricity bill payments, choose your state and electricity board, and then click on View Sample Bill to find out exactly where it is on the bill.

2. Is It Necessary To Register On Freecharge To Make APDCL Bill Payment?

Yes, in order to pay electricity bills online and make other payments, you need to register on Freecharge.

3. How To Make An APDCL Bill Download?

  • 1. Navigate to the APDCL websites home page.
  • 2. Then select View or Pay My Bill.
  • 3. Tap on Click Here to View your Electricity Bill section.
  • 4. The phrase APDCL Consumer View Bill will appear on the next page.
  • 5. Then you can download the bill

4. How To Check My APDCL Bill Payment History?

  • 1. Log in to your APDCL account
  • 2. Verify consumer id
  • 3. Go to payment history

5. How Can I Raise A Complaint For A Faulty Meter To The APDCL Board?

The APDCL advised customers that they should WhatsApp 7575999666 or call 1912 to report concerns.

6. How To Get My APDCL Electricity Bill Payment Receipt?

After the transaction you will be automatically redirected to the receipt page, from there you can download the payment receipt

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